The daydream believer... (frgmentaryblues) wrote in adeadpoet,
The daydream believer...


Hidden behind a self-made cloak,
A fantasy made to allure.
A life what's been forgotten,
For the poor little whore.
It's easier to live the lie,
Then to ever acknowledge the truth.
The passion that erupted the soul,
Ignited the dying screams of youth.
Conscience became the bitter enemy,
And love, it's dying ember.
Feelings once so important,
seemed too hard to remember.
Spoiled in her earnings,
Carefree with her life,
She trotted on forthcoming,
Indignant to any strife.
losing bit by bit,
the heart that once was hers,
The new persona took on,
Convincing in its false lures.
A mere reflection of it's former self,
The predator sought her prey...
Innocence but a memory,
She is not what she says.

*You may have seen this poem under my other username: eastcoastreject

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