Ignorance (ragdollsymphony) wrote in adeadpoet,

-Ive Been-

Ive been seen as a liar
Ive been seen as a cheat
Ive been seen as a maniac
Ive been seen as a freak
Ive been seen as a scum bag
Ive been seen as white trash
Ive been seen as a scrub
and classified a sociopath
Ive lived next to crack dens
Ive have smoked some midis
Ive been in the places
you see driving through inner cities
Ive lived where every one has there hand on a trigger
I may not be black but Ive been seen as the nigger
Ive been seen as the poor kid
Ive been the one picked last
Ive been in a cop car
Ive had to run fast
Ive seen all the violence
Ive seen all the outrage
Ive been locked in a 6 by 6 steel cage
Ive seen all the hatred
Ive seen all the racist
Ive seen all the politics
with weapons of ingnorance
Ive broken hearts
And Ive broken promises
Ive been only human
Ive seen the truth and the lies and the bull shit
Ive been through death
Ive been through slit wrists
Ive been through pistols
and times Ive thought I should use it
Ive been through suicide
Ive been the faithless
Ive been the bad guy
Ive been the faceless
Ive seen the homeless
Ive lit the matches
Ive seen my friends die
Marked with heroin scratches
Ive seen the ugly the good and the bad
Ive gotten in fist fights with my asshole dad
Ive been beaten and stabbed
Ive been left alone
Ive been pushed and grabbed
Ive been unknown
Ive been forgotten
Ive been to late
Ive been a criminal
Ive had to wait
Ive been shot at
Ive stolen when hungry
Ive seen the problems
Ive seen all that can be
Ive seen all the cruelty
From all of the world
Ive seen the same thing
In second grade boys and girls
Ive been to drunk
And Ive seen all this stuff
I have no regrets
I havent lived enough
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