Petty theif with delusioned standings... (blizardridar) wrote in adeadpoet,
Petty theif with delusioned standings...

Without You
Dedicated to Kevin and Ian, I love you guys

Sitting up late at night,
Candle light flickers off a hollow face.
Empty eyes gaze out the window.
I’ve given up on the godforsaken human race.

I’m white as a host,
Shining eyes glow with tears.
The moonlight casts a halo on my face,
The world is giving ‘way to my worst fears.

I bury my face in my hands,
Blocking out the light.
I cry out in pain
Because my heart won’t give up this fight.

With my shadow blue eyes I gaze,
Blindly at the stars.
Where my heart just wants to touch them,
My head screams that it’s too far.

In my head I hear your voice,
The one that has draped the chains across my heat.
And yes I can’t stop loving you.
It’s tearing me apart.

I’m afraid to love anymore.
But I guess I’m more afraid to loose.
Between loving you and living life,
You’re now forcing me to choose.

So as you slip away,
I stand frozen in this spot,
Why are you doing this?
Was this some grand and schemeing plot?

Did you do it all to hurt me?
Is this just a joke to you>
Is every thing you said a lie?
I once thought it was true…

So no matter what I’m dreaming.
I’m living her without you.
And I wish I could forget,
But my heart can’t find the strength too…

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