Petty theif with delusioned standings... (blizardridar) wrote in adeadpoet,
Petty theif with delusioned standings...


Always the friend,
But never the best friend.
Always the girl,
But never the girl friend.
Always the dreamer,
Never the dreamed.
Always the shadow,
Never the famed.
You’ll see my in the crowd,
But never on the stage.
I’ll never be the main character,
Just the reader who turns the page.
I’ll be on the outside,
Always looking in.
Look behind me for footstep,
And you’ll see no trace of where I’ve been.
I live just in memory
A small piece of the past.
They’ll always forget me,
A few minutes after I have passed.
And yet I find the strength,
To be okay with that.
For some are meant to be remembered,
To be strong and smiled at.
While other are meant solely,
To exist and then forget.
To live a life full of loss
But never

R&R? I wrote it today in english after my best friend asked out the guy I had fallen in love with and he came up to me and asked me to tell her yes and then thanked me for always being his best friend.
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