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Some thoughts on my mind

Title: A talk with myself

Before it was easier
Before it was natural
Before it was happy
Now it's hard
Now it's uncomfortable
Now it's sad
Today i'll try to stay calm
Today i'll try to be a better person
Today i'll try to make the best of things
And tomorrow i will regret
And the next day i'll scream
And next week i'll forget all about my frustrations, headaches, and sorrows
Because I do the best with what i'm given.

Title: A question

Who's to say what happiness is.

Title: A wish list

If i could throw out all my responsiblites
If i could take the longest vacation possible
If i could ignore all the idiots of our society
If i could live for free
If i could love my job
If i could love myself
If i could love you more
If i could spend more time with my family and friends
If i could, I would.
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