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Hi, I'm new... I'm a recovering cutter... so that's what alot of my poem are about. Or most I guess I should say. Anything I post here, feel free to Read and review or flame, I appreciate any input!

Blackness Within

Blackness within.
Shadows are growing.
Dreams are beginning
To fray.
Shards are sinking,
Sinking into warm pale skin.
But just below the surface
Of the procelin skin,
Red blood rushes.
But with her crystal eyes
And gemstone tears.
The little girl’s fears are born.
Her innocence flees
Without chance of salvation.
Black bruises rise forth,
From where his fists struck hard.
Her heart aches.
Her blood flows
From newly sliced skin.
The light of the sun
Is overshadowed by the
Blackness within.

The Point

What’s the point of living?
In a world that hurts so bad…
Where even the truest of loves,
Last no longer than the latest fad…

A place where a second ago,
Your newest enemy was still your oldest friend.
Where the faster your heart breaks,
The longer it takes to mend.

A place where the real you
is just a figure of speech,
A person you’d like to meet,
If only they weren’t a step out of reach…

A place where you walk through the day,
And ignore the sun shining bright,
But walk through the night blind,
Only dreaming of starlight.
Live everyday in the twilight.

Dedicated to Ian

Lost and alone
In a vast blue sea,
Eyes as blue as the sapphire coast,
Send out their silent plea.
Crying out so loud,
With words so few can hear.
Eyes singing out,
Songs full of fear.
I reach out for you hand,
But you seem so far away.
There’s nothing I can do,
There’s nothing you can say.
You’ll never understand…
God, it hurts so bad.
I’m so afraid of doing this,
Afraid that you’ll be mad.
I cannot face you,
Not like this,
I want you to remember me as I was,
Your darling little sis.

And so I return to this place,
That I’ve been so many times before.
All those times, with the world,
I’ve had to settle a score.
I picked up the blade,
Ran it through my hand.
I suddenly felt like a whole new person.
A foreigner from a distant land.
And a I pressed the blade down,
I let out a sigh,
More much better this felt,
Than sitting to cry…

But as the blood seeped through,
I looked to the shelf,
And all of a sudden,
The tears came.
I couldn’t live with myself.
For there on the shelf,
Sat your school picture
And I dropped the blade
And my vision shifted to a blur.
The promise I made,
Just rang through my head,
“I’ll never leave you, I promise”
That’s what I said.
And as I look at your picture
Framed by the frost of the windows behind.
Only one thought occurs as I toss the blade into the trash.
I’m sorry.
But all blood dries…
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