deadpoet (deadpoet) wrote in adeadpoet,

Contest winners for May and new contest for June.

prettyinparties and blizardridar tied for the monthly contest. Each will get a 6 month subscription to LJ. This brings up a point that I hadn't really thought of. Not that it will ever happen but, I was thinking what to do in case of ties? While a few LJ paid subscriptions wouldn't be too much of a bother, I could see if I got more than a few where it could be a problem. So this month's (June) contest will be for a 6 month paid LJ subscription to the sn of your choice for most poems posted, with the disclaimer that in case of ties a tie breaker may be used to determine a winner. Ok that said and done, I need to hear back which name to put the paid subscriptions on.

Thank you for participating.
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